Criminal Minds: The newest Mandygate rumors.

August 15, 2007

Criminal Minds: There are always a lot of rumors about Criminal Minds and their cast. I usually just shake my head and laugh. The newest rumors are different though. They are a pathetic attempt to redeem an actor that has not asked for redemption. Instead of believing that their beloved star is capable of poor behavior they have decided that Mandygate is an elaborate cover up between CBS, ABC and Mandy to allow him to leave while boosting Criminal Minds’ ratings. In their world the show knew months before he left and all the statements and interviews are a ruse to play along with this hoax. There is a lot I do not know in this world but the one thing I do know is that CBS doesn’t play when it comes to such things. Why are a seemingly intelligent group of woman so willing to accept the fact that the man acted in an unexceptable way.

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