Criminal Minds: Take a Moment & Call

April 8, 2009

Criminal Minds: In response to the recent media articles and CBS releases about actors’ salary cuts and lay offs, the Criminal Minds moderators feel it is time to be proactive by expressing our feelings about possibly losing an actor from Criminal Minds. So lets repeat the wonderful call in campaign we enacted during the WGA strike.

Here are the direct phone numbers for Nina Tassler and Les Moonves and a sample script of what you should say:

Nina Tassler: 818-655-1400

Les Moonves: 818-655-1600


My name is [insert name]. I fall into the [insert demographic
information] bracket and I live in [insert your city and state].

I am calling on behalf of the actors of my favorite show, Criminal Minds.

I wanted to let you know that if any of the actors from Criminal Minds, especially Thomas Gibson, do not return for season 5 then I will no longer be watching the show. Losing any of the main characters on the show would be damaging, but to lose Aaron Hotchner would take away the heart of the show and ruin it. Criminal Minds, without Thomas Gibson, is not a show I want to watch or support. It will also make me reconsider watching any show that airs on CBS.

I hope that you will not make the decision to cut Thomas Gibson or any of the cast members of Criminal Minds. If you have already done so, then I hope that you will reconsider and reverse that decision.

Thank you for your time,
[your name]


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